2015 MDRT International Adviser Round TableAdvisers from five countries compared notes at the 2015 MDRT Annual Meeting in New Orleans in June, as they discussed the critical consumer and regulatory issues impacting their advice world… […] Read More
The Long Road to Life Insurance ReformIn this article, we examine the steps that have led to the current round of debate and look ahead to where the industry may land on life insurance reform… (Visited […] Read More

Income Protection – A Time for ReviewAre the current range of disability income products and associated underwriting and claims processes to blame for the insurance industry’s sustainability woes? Munich Re examines the issues… (Visited 3,914 times, […] Read More
What will clients pay for?Elixir Consulting’s Sue Viskovic talks to advisers about what clients will actually pay for, when it comes to life insurance advice… (Visited 1,692 times, 1 visits today) Read More
It’s Not What You Say, It’s the Way You Say It!Rachel Staggs urges advisers not to underestimate the power of communication, because the tone of our language can have a big impact on the way messages are received… (Visited 546 […] Read More
Resistance ExerciseIn this Waiting Room article, we look at the world of Resistance Exercise – considered to be an important, but often overlooked, component of a well-rounded fitness program… (Visited 199 […] Read More

Living with Objections to your OffersRisk advisers regularly come up against client objections. But as Jim Prigg points out in this article, objections do not need to cripple the sales process… (Visited 760 times, 1 […] Read More
Optimising Your Communication Channels – Part 2In the final article in this series, Dr Rebecca Sheils looks at how the leading advice practices are meeting the communication needs of their clients… (Visited 176 times, 1 visits […] Read More
AFA Adviser of the Year DiariesEleanor Dartnall is keeping a diary to record her progress throughout her 12 months as the AFA Adviser of the Year, in which she shares her highly-specialised approach to advice… […] Read More
Post Trowbridge: What Will Clients Want From Risk Advisers?In the wake of the recently released Life Insurance Advice Framework, Zurich’s Andy Marshall asks what clients will be looking for from their relationships with risk-specialist advisers… (Visited 877 times, […] Read More

Whoa…You Want me to Talk to Clients How Often?“How much is too much contact?” Tony Vidler shares his tips on how to work out what level of contact with customers is the ‘right amount’… (Visited 202 times, 1 […] Read More
MDRT 2015 Annual Meeting – New OrleansMore than 10,000 advisers from around the world gathered in New Orleans in June for the 2015 MDRT Annual Meeting… (Visited 509 times, 1 visits today) Read More
Launch of ‘Communication Guide’ for Risk-Focused AdvisersA new book launched by life industry senior statesman, Russell Collins, has been welcomed by industry stakeholders as a ‘must have’ for any risk-focused financial adviser.… (Visited 305 times, 1 […] Read More
AFA Inspire – Melbourne and SydneyThe Association of Financial Advisers Inspire Network hosted two events in June, featuring two highly successful women who have made it big in their respective industries. In Melbourne, radio show […] Read More

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