2016 AFA Round TableRiskinfo joined forces with the AFA and Zurich to conduct an industry Round Table event in Canberra on the eve of the 2016 AFA National Adviser Conference. While our talking […] Read More
Life After LIF?The delayed start date for the Life Insurance Framework has provided an opportunity for advisers to examine and rework their business models with advisers taking different routes to plan for […] Read More

LIF is the Least of Your ProblemsElixir Consulting’s Sue Viskovic states that while changes to life insurance remuneration are an important issue for the financial advice sector bigger disruptions are still to come but advisers can […] Read More
How to Get Your Referrals Working BetterAsking for referrals is something most advisers are taught early on in their career, with many advice businesses growing off the back of such behaviour – but… (Visited 451 times, […] Read More
Do Women Have Different Attitudes to Men in The Buying Cycle?Knowing how to handle different types of clients is one skill but having an insight into how they think before seeking advice is another and, as Jim Prigg writes, being […] Read More

Post Traumatic Stress DisorderThis edition of the Waiting Room looks at PTSD, a condition less prevalent than many others, but sadly on the increase as well as being difficult to tackle for those […] Read More
Living With LIFMark Rando shares his views on the steps he is taking to continue to build a successful risk-focused advice practice in the lead up to the implementation of the Life […] Read More
Chris Unwin ‘Chrisisms’Click through for more great thoughts and ideas from Chris Unwin – all designed to help you build a better business… (Visited 303 times, 1 visits today) Read More

Full Steam Ahead for Insurance in PlatformsInsurance inside super has its advantages but selecting a super fund in which to hold a policy is as important as choosing the policy itself… (Visited 97 times, 1 visits […] Read More
AFA Conference WrapThe 2016 AFA National Adviser Conference addressed the issue of change – for advisers, for the financial services sector – and for the way in which it would face the […] Read More
NextGen: ‘Out There’ in the OutbackSynchron’s annual NextGen conference is described as being unlike any other in the advice sector and those who have attended tend to agree with that description… (Visited 729 times, 1 […] Read More
MDRT Victoria State EventThe last Victorian MDRT state event in 2016 was jam-packed with fantastic thoughts and ideas to assist emerging and established advisers alike… (Visited 173 times, 1 visits today) Read More

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