CommInsure Claims Round TableRiskinfo joined forces with CommInsure to conduct a recent Round Table conversation during which a broad spectrum of claims-related issues was discussed… (Visited 1,543 times, 1 visits today) Read More
Insurers Prepare For Countdown to LIFWhile advisers have been the main focus of attention in the countdown to the start of the Life Insurance Framework, life insurers have also been required to make changes to […] Read More
What They Don’t Tell You About Providing Nil-Commission Risk AdviceFollowing extensive research Elixir Consulting’s Sue Viskovic finds that more advisers are looking at charging fees for insurance advice but warns there are some pitfalls to watch for risk-only advisers… […] Read More
How to Review and Improve a Meaningful Client ExperienceEngaging with clients requires an understanding of what it takes for them to connect with you as their adviser. So, when was the last time you considered your advice and […] Read More
Managing Client Expectations: A Job for Advisers or Insurers?Are there opportunities for Insurers in the gaps between what advisers, policyholders and claimants expect should happen when setting up a policy, while a policy is in-force and when making […] Read More
Your Price Is Too High. It’s Too ExpensiveCost can be a factor for clients when considering life insurance advice but, as Jim Prigg writes, can also be the start of a conversation about the value of that […] Read More

Addressing the Burgeoning Issue of Mental IllnessAs awareness around mental illness grows advisers and life insurers are well placed to offset the financial burdens of recovery and rehabilitation… (Visited 375 times, 1 visits today) Read More
Chris Unwin ‘Chrisisms’In continuing with our Chrisisms series, the focus in this edition is all about TPD and Trauma… (Visited 328 times, 1 visits today) Read More
FSC Life Insurance Conference and Gala DinnerThe Financial Services Council conducted its 2017 Life Insurance Conference and Life Insurance Awards gala dinner events at the end of March… (Visited 273 times, 1 visits today) Read More

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