Attitude to Exercise

Have you done any exercise today? If not, it could be your attitude that needs a workout. In this edition of The Waiting Room, Unified Healthcare Group counters some of the common excuses and barriers that stand between many of us and the gym…

We live in a society which is bombarded with exercise and dietary information from a range of sources on a daily basis. Unfortunately, most experts overlook the fact that creating life-long change is more about our head than it is about our body.

When looking to get in shape, the first thing you need to change is not your diet or your exercise regime; the first thing you need to change is your attitude.

Stop waiting for the right time before starting an exercise program – it never comes!

“I’ll start exercising next Monday, next week, next month, when the kids are at school, when it’s not so dark in the morning, when all the planets align, when Tasmania reconnects with the mainland…” Sure you will. The only person you’re fooling is you.

Don’t make excuses to get out of exercising (eg: “It’s raining” or “I’m too busy”)

Consistency is the key. The number one reason people don’t get in shape and stay in shape is that they don’t finish what they start. It doesn’t matter how much potential you have, how great your intentions are at the outset, or how many resources you have at your disposal, if you don’t consistently apply yourself (even when it’s not fun) you won’t get where you want to go.

It might surprise many to learn that about 85% of people who have a current gym membership don’t go!

There are no ‘quick fixes’

Many people don’t want to hear that transforming their body is more about attitude, commitment and self-control than it is about finding the right program, gym, diet, trainer or miracle-pill. A good attitude typically equals a good outcome.

Don’t only exercise when it’s fun or entertaining

Getting in shape won’t always be fun or entertaining – don’t be precious!

Sometimes getting fit is boring, so put up with it! If being a little bored means that you might live longer, have a better body and improve your quality of life, put up with it or change your attitude. If you want to be entertained, see a movie!

Don’t wait to be motivated

Motivation is temporary. For most people motivation is an emotional state; a feeling that comes and goes.

We can’t rely on it to get us to our goals because it isn’t always there. If you experience motivational peaks and troughs you’re not a loser, you’re normal. Motivation is great when it’s there, but when you don’t feel pumped to do that workout, do it anyway.

Changing your body is more about self-control and consistency than it is about being in the zone. It’s possible (necessary, perhaps) to exercise even when you’re not motivated. You might not love the process but you’ll love the results.

Make time to exercise

Some people blame their busy schedules for not keeping up their exercise plan. If we were to spend five hours per week exercising you would be spending 97% of your time not exercising. It is not a time thing; it is a priority thing, an organisational thing, and an “I can’t be bothered” thing. It’s all about organisation and implementation. Timetable your exercise around your other commitments and create a realistic schedule that can be maintained for the long haul.

Don’t get in shape for specific events

Too many people spend their life getting in shape for summer, birthdays, weddings, school reunions and other significant social occasions.

Like athletes, they peak for an event… and then get fat again. Sad really! Creating your best body is about the next few decades, not the next six weeks.

Don’t use failures as an excuse to quit

There is nothing wrong with making mistakes, as long as we learn from them. Everyone slips up now and then, so don’t give up!

Don’t get too tricky with the process

If your goal, like many people, is to lose weight and fat, then all that is required is to move your limbs, get your heart rate up, get a bit sweaty, get a bit uncomfortable and do it often.



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