Zurich Intergenerational Advice Series, Parts 3 and 4

The following videos presented by Zurich’s Andy Marshall complete the set of four key messages that stem from Zurich’s Intergenerational Advice Masterclass series, conducted with advisers around the country earlier this year.

The masterclasses were designed to provide advisers with deep research, practical solutions and a process to address the challenge of becoming the trusted family adviser.

In sharing some of the dialogue from these masterclasses, Zurich is seeking to assist advisers deliver an increase in the number of Australians seeking financial advice, by tapping into what it refers to as the most powerful institution on which an adviser can have a positive influence – the family.

The videos below are Parts 3 and 4 in this four-part series of brief but informative messages. Part 3 addresses Aged Care and the Changing Baby Boomer Equation, while Part 4 looks at The Value Proposition for Intergenerational Advice.

Advisers can also click here to go to Parts 1 and 2 in this series…

Aged Care and the Changing Baby Boomer Equation

The Value Proposition for Intergenerational Advice