Considering Trowbridge: The Final Word, or a Stake in the Ground?In a critically-important riskinfo Round Table discussion, a cross section of industry stakeholders met to discuss all aspects of John Trowbridge’s Final Report… (Visited 1,458 times, 1 visits today) Read More
Getting to Grips with TrowbridgeWe have taken a magnifying glass to the Trowbridge Review of Retail Life Insurance Advice, considering all the recommendations, not just the adviser remuneration proposals… (Visited 2,127 times, 1 visits […] Read More

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Energy BalanceThis edition of The Waiting Room examines the effect of energy balance on achieving or maintaining a healthy weight… (Visited 438 times, 1 visits today) Read More
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AFA Adviser of the Year DiariesEleanor Dartnall is keeping a diary to record her progress throughout her 12 months as the AFA Adviser of the Year, in which she shares her highly-specialised approach to advice… […] Read More

Creating an Independent Income Outside of the Sale of the ProductHow risk-focussed advisers can survive and prosper in the 21st Century and beyond… (Visited 1,194 times, 1 visits today) Read More
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AFA Inspire NSW – RoundtableAt the beginning of March, the NSW Chapter of the AFA’s Inspire initiative hosted a roundtable to discuss some of the key issues facing women in finance roles… (Visited 296 […] Read More
AFA Life Company of the Year AwardsThe AFA and Plan For Life hosted their annual Life Company of the Year Awards ceremony in Sydney in March… (Visited 433 times, 1 visits today) Read More
FSC Life Insurance ConferenceThe 2015 FSC Life Insurance Conference was held in Sydney in March, headlined by the release of the Trowbridge Report and initial debate about its recommendations… (Visited 611 times, 1 […] Read More
XY Adviser – Providing Value Through EducationThe team from XY Adviser played host to nearly fifty advice professionals in Sydney during April, all eager to hear from AFA Adviser of the Year, Eleanor Dartnall… (Visited 474 […] Read More
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