It’s Not About The Money Book Launch

A desire to share the good work that advisers do for their clients every day led Keith Peel to create ‘It’s Not About The Money’. Featuring interviews with twenty-five of Australia’s leading, and award-winning, financial advisers, ‘It’s Not About The Money’ is designed to be a guidebook for clients into the undiscovered value of an adviser.

Keith has identified the twelve ‘gifts’ of a ‘new breed’ financial adviser, which make up the chapters in his book. They include:

  • The gift of peace of mind: New breed advisers create peace of mind with clients by constantly reassuring them that their financial affairs are well managed, their risks are mitigated as much as can be expected and that they’re on track to achieve the life they truly want.
  • The gift of prudence: New breed advisers teach their clients to make smarter choices with their money and their lives.
  • The gift of passion: New breed advisers have a passion for what they do that makes a difference to their clients’ lives.

To launch the book, Paul Barrett, CEO of the newly formed Next Generation Advisory, hosted a cocktail function in Sydney in April. Guests included senior wealth management executives, friends, family and some of the advisers interviewed for the book.

As well as talking about the motivation behind the book, Keith introduced guest speakers Michelle Tate-Lovery, Deborah Kent and Catherine Robson, who shared some of the key lessons they have learnt in their time as advisers.

Keith said he hoped the book would resonate with advisers, as well as clients, and encourage more people to seek advice. “I believe we need professional role models and positive stories to promote the quality of advice and professionalism of the industry at a time when the debate is so negative and unrepresentative of the broad population of advisers,” he said.

To download a free chapter of Keith’s book, visit:

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