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One of the greatest priviliges afforded to me in this industry is the opportunity to sit on the selection panel for the annual AFA Adviser of the Year and Practice of the Year Awards.

Final judging for both these Awards has just been completed and I can assure you the task of selecting the winners remains extremely challenging. The great disappointment is that each year, some of the highest-possible quality advisers and advice practices will miss out on the top accolade.

The benchmark set by the best continues to rise. While I appreciate the ‘rising benchmark’ is an over-used expression, it is nonetheless a simple truth that it clearly applies to the quality of these finalists.

If this constantly-rising quality benchmark being set for advisers and advice practices is reflected across the entire financial advice sector, it occurs to me that consumers will be the winners and that today’s advisers are worthy custodians of the industry.

The recent appointment of Kelly O’Dwyer as the new Assistant Treasurer has thrown some doubt on the final outcome of the Life Insurance Framework proposals and on the timing of their implementation. Whatever the outcomes and implications that will stem from the Financial System Inquiry and Life Insurance Framework recommendations, I remain confident in the resilience and ability of advisers and advice businesses to adapt to a changing advice environment, while at the same time continuing to raise the bar of advice excellence for the long-term benefit of the consumers they serve.

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Peter Sobels

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