AIA Australia Industry Round TableAdvisers, licensees and life company colleagues sat down to discuss how Australia’s life insurance industry is evolving, particularly in relation to the area of health and wellness and how advisers […] Read More
LIF’s Long Path From Legislation to LawThe recent Federal Election did not kill off the Life Insurance Framework legislation but only delayed its arrival, and it seems there is still some way to go before that […] Read More

Educated Clients are Better ClientsElixir Consulting’s Sue Viskovic states that client education can and should take place before a client meets with an adviser who is already well armed with the material to begin […] Read More
What Sets One Risk Adviser Apart From the Other?Word of mouth still retains the highest levels of credibility for many people when it comes to making a significant decision, but as Rachel Staggs states, those words can come, […] Read More
Adviser’s Voice: 2016 Business Support Innovation Ideas From AdvisersThe Beddoes Institute Director, Dr Rebecca Sheils, shares insights on what innovation advisers want from life companies in the area of Business Support. (Visited 256 times, 1 visits today) Read More

How to Get Beyond “I Want to Think it Over”Most advisers have probably faced a client who is hesitant to act but as Jim Prigg outlines this can be overcome by some simple questioning and reminders of why the […] Read More
Allergy or Intolerance: Disagreeing With Our FoodThis edition of the Waiting Room looks at a common ailment in society – food allergies – and reminds advisers to consider whether this an area they have covered off […] Read More
If Business Growth is on Your Mind…Growth can be hard to trigger unless action is taken but the what and how is the key and Business Health has provided some suggestions on taking the first step… […] Read More

Chris Unwin ‘Chrisisms’This latest instalment in our ‘Chrisisms’ series by Chris Unwin delivers more great pearls of wisdom for all advisers… (Visited 454 times, 1 visits today) Read More
AFA National RoadshowThe AFA National Practitioner Roadshow touched down in seven cities over two weeks in July tackling the issue adapting for change while providing advice… (Visited 135 times, 1 visits today) Read More
Finance Action Hero Book LaunchCaboodle Managing Director and Zaptitude Co-Founder Peita Diamantidis (pictured below with microphone) launched her new book Finance Action Hero with a call for advisers to change the language they use […] Read More

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