What Sets One Risk Adviser Apart From the Other?

Advisers have heard the life stories of many clients over the years and should be using their own stories on how they were able to help says SRS Coaching and Consulting’s Rachel Staggs. In this article Rachel makes a call for advisers to be their own champions and engage in this free, low-level but engaging marketing technique.

How do you explain what it is that you actually do? How do you get the point across that Personal and Business Insurance is an important topic and conversation to have?

The old cliche that people are talking about it at a BBQ is ridiculous; let’s face it, no-one is talking about the topic except those that have had to make a claim! I’m in the ‘right’ age bracket for personal insurance, and I can tell you, no-one talks about it! But they should, shouldn’t they?

So, how can you weave this important topic into people’s everyday lives and give it the airspace it needs?

Before the days of social media, information was shared through the more traditional channels and if it was a bad story, eventually it would peter out and become lost in time. Conversely, a good story could travel a long distance. Now a bad story can scar an industry’s reputation, not to mention a business or person.

I believe the more good stories told about Risk and the massive benefits it has to offer, the better outcomes there will be for everyone

So, how as professionals can you make sure that your reputation; your message and relevance are protected and talked about for all the RIGHT reasons? Through the stories you share. I believe the more good stories told about Risk and the massive benefits it has to offer, the better outcomes there will be for everyone. So, how can you do your part?

  1. Our attention spans are getting shorter which means you have only a few seconds to tell people why they should care. Don’t bamboozle them with the shopping list of different insurance products, instead, tell them a true story about a client or business that you helped. Explain what could have happened if they hadn’t taken your advice.
  2. What sets one Risk Adviser apart from the other? Probably not that much? Your distinct differentiators are the heroes in your business. Your clients. The stories that you can share about the work that you do, day in day out, will very quickly explain the difference between you and another Risk Adviser. So use them all the time with clients and referral partners and give them permission to share those stories too.
  3. Don’t be scared off by storytelling. Call it something else if you want but it will strike a nerve with whoever you are sharing the story with and hopefully inspire them to listen and take your advice too.

Australians can be a cynical bunch; they often weigh on the side of caution and can be a bit too quick to discount advice if they have heard too many bad stories. If there is one marketing action you can put in place, today make it sharing stories. Sharing stories doesn’t cost you anything, and it’s one of the most efficient marketing strategies out there.

If you would like any help in crafting your stories or your marketing messages, feel free to contact me, and I would be happy to help.


In her regular Practice Marketing column, Rachel Staggs provides insights to help advisers market their business to potential (and existing) clients.

Rachel Staggs is the founder and Managing Director of SRS Coaching & Consulting, a specialist financial services consulting firm.

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