AFA National Adviser Conference

The 2018 AFA National Adviser Conference saw more than 620 delegates offered a wide array of plenary, focus group and other interactive sessions in which a wide range of speakers delivered sometimes challenging messages under this year’s theme of ‘Discover’, which related to discovering the future of the ever-changing world of financial advice.

One of the key moments at the Conference was the announcement by Assistant Treasurer, The Hon Stuart Robert, on the education credits FASEA will apply to advisers holding CFP and/or FChFP designations in determining future minimum education requirements.

Robert said the credits had been agreed upon by himself and FASEA and would be built into the final FASEA legislation to be submitted to Parliament.

The news, announced during the final-afternoon session, gave delegates more to discuss after three days of thought-provoking, current, relevant messages surrounding advisers and advice.

US speaker, Don Connelly, provided one of the highlights at the 2018 AFA National Adviser Conference, in sharing with delegates how advisers can stand out from the crowd and deliver value and services to consumers, reminding delegates clients don’t buy product -“They buy you”.

Delegates also heard from renowned and respected local and international plenary speakers Bernard Salt (on prospects for wealth creation and accumulation among the ‘smashed avocado’ generation), Trent Moy (values and ethics), and Geoff Ramm (on delivering unforgettable customer service).

Focus sessions and the popular ‘Meet the Professionals’ narratives delivered value through addressing more focussed, specific issues impacting advisers and their businesses, while delegates were offered the opportunity of involvement and networking at the many social events held over the course of the three days (and nights!).

Advisers, advice businesses and other industry and AFA contributors were recognised at this year’s Conference, where the AFA continues to deliver a suite of adviser Awards that are without peer in the industry in terms of both their rigour and status.

The Award winners, and further coverage of the AFA 2018 AFA National Adviser Conference can be found here.