AFA Connect Roadshow

The 2018 AFA Connect Roadshow Tour showcased the resiliency and vibrancy of an industry that continues to undergo change.

While regulatory oversight in its various forms, coupled with the overlay of a more intense mass media scrutiny in recent years has naturally commanded the focus of the advice sector, the success of the AFA’s 2018 Connect Tour reinforces the fact that advisers have an unwaivering passion to both share their success stories and learn from their peers for the purpose of delivering meaningful advice solutions for their clients, while at the same time growing the relevance and value of their business.

The Connect Tour visited each of the six state capitals between mid-February and early March, delivering messages and updates about the issues of the day, including the new minimum professional education standards that are to be rolled out from 1 January 2024 and how advisers will need to address those new standards, based on their existing educational background and industry qualifications.

Award-winning advisers shared their respective journeys with their peers as did AFA President, Marc Bineham, who offered his ten tips to success in building a successful advice business.

Headlining the Roadshow in all states except NSW was US speaker, Amy Florian – an expert in grief management, influenced in part by the tragic death of her husband when she was a young mother in her 20s.

Amy shared some fantastic insights into how financial advisers can genuinely ‘be there’ for their clients at critical moments in their lives, sharing along the way the ‘dos and don’ts’ when it comes to engaging with and actually providing comfort, solace and genuine value to someone who is grieving.

Amy also conducted a series of workshops at the completion of each state event, which drilled down further into the nature of grief and how advisers can modify some of their pre-conceived ideas and behaviours to deliver a more meaningful presence and service for their clients and their loved ones.