Improve Your Visibility And Gain More Clients

Financial advisers are often sought for their experience, knowledge and skills but unless that is promoted, no-one will know what is on offer.
Yet, as Rachel Staggs from SRSCC writes, using tools and resources at their fingertips advisers can highlight what they do and how they do it, easier than ever before.
Rachel says that by using content marketing advisers can go from being their own best kept secret to top of mind and tip of the tongue.

You’ve established a good business. You have defined your processes, created your client engagement strategy; you even have some professional referral relationships established. Excellent news! You’ve built a business model that will drive the business forward. But it doesn’t stop there – now comes the next stage – building it out, leveraging it and becoming visible.

From a marketing perspective, we need to ensure that we remain relevant, visible and connected

In an information-overloaded world, we simply can’t rest on our laurels. From a marketing perspective, we need to ensure that we remain relevant, visible and connected.

For this, many advisers are turning to content marketing; creating content, or subscribing to libraries that provide it, which in this digital era is a sound strategy to take. Why? Because it will help you get noticed and become visible rather than invisible.

A word of warning though! You can’t just create relevant content for your clients and send it out into the black hole of the universe. Instead, I would recommend that you put more effort into the promotion of your content than you do the creation of it, particularly if you didn’t create it in the first place!. Think about it, if no-one sees it, then all that effort, the time, the cost has gone to waste.

If you have an online profile, then you have an excellent channel to share your content

In this article, I would like to share some practical steps you can take to promote your content so that you remain relevant, visible and connected – which will result in more new clients.

First thing – do you have an online profile? Chances are you do, albeit it might need a spring clean! If you have an online profile, then you have an excellent channel to share your content. Things like blog posts, reports, webinars, all the things you’ve been engaged with yourself, you can create and share with existing and potential clients

It’s important to remember that in today’s world there are lots of communication channels and it’s important to make sure that you have a profile and visibility on the major ones. If you don’t, you are not visible and being invisible isn’t a good growth strategy for your business.

Professional relationships

Consider the professional referral relationships you have in place. This can be an excellent channel to promote your content to and with. Don’t think that because they have a relationship with you that they won’t sometimes forget about you! Remain visible and top of mind by sharing your blog posts or create an e-newsletter – keep it simple [KISS!]. Consider joining forces with your referral partner so that both of you, or a group of you, can share your content together:  the whole is greater than the parts.

Advertising and sponsorships

Are you part of a sponsorship deal? For example, the local sporting club, school, business group or similar? Learn how they communicate to their communities – it’s probably through email too – and uncover opportunities to share your content with them and once again, increase your visibility and promote your expertise. You have a solution that most Australian’s need, tell them about it!

Like all good things, you need a plan. A plan will ensure that you are continually creating, sharing and promoting. If you can achieve that, then you will improve your visibility and improve your business. Don’t create a business and become the best-kept secret!

Some advisers enjoy creating content while a great deal hate the idea! There are plenty of services that can deliver general content that can be shared so no more excuses, source a provider and get a plan together to protect your business.

Remember: top of the mind = tip of the tongue.


In her regular Practice Marketing column, Rachel Staggs provides insights to help advisers market their business to potential (and existing) clients.

Rachel Staggs is the founder and Managing Director of SRSCC, a specialist financial services consulting firm.

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