Synchron 2014 Conference – Simply the Best

Risk-focused dealer group, Synchron, delivered its 2014 Conference to over 200 delegates in Disneyland, California in May.

Addressing advisers and guests at the commencement of the Conference, Synchron Director, Don Trapnell, emphasised the critical importance of what he referred to as the symbiotic relationship that exists within Australia’s life insurance community, where “everyone relies on someone else”.

In keeping with its mantra of ‘doing things differently’, Synchron replaced the traditional hard copy conference satchels and inserts with what is understood to be the first ever app designed for an Australian licensee conference.

Conducted over three days under the theme of ‘Simply the Best’, delegates heard from a high-quality blend of American and Australian presenters, sharing their experiences and expertise and talking to delegates about how to become better advisers, better businesses and better people.

Within the context of these broader goals, keynote speakers addressed topics including:

  • ‘The ingredients for building consistent and repeatable sales results’ – including how to move people through a buying cycle
  • ‘There has never been a better time to market your business’ – how to stand out in a world of ‘sameness’
  • ‘Recalculating your life’ – being willing to do things differently from how you originally envisaged
  • ‘Using technology to increase sales connections’
  • ‘Duty of disclosure versus best interest’ – the implications of recent regulatory changes and court decisions
  • ‘Who needs legs when you have wings’ – a story of inspiration

While there was an overall risk-focused ‘flavour’ to the conversations at the event, many of the underlying messages delivered by the conference keynote speakers had universal relevance for all financial advisers, irrespective of their area of expertise.